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Monday, April 25, 2011

What the pro-democracy sympathizers across the Middle East Could do to topple Assad.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it," the Spanish-born philosopher George Santayana wrote.
The way to beat the tyranny is to break away in all ways associated with it. Shedding Islam would be a blow to the tyranny imposed by those cruel monsters who value of others human being’s lives is death for all but themselves.
"President Assad's intentions have been clear since he came out publicly saying he is 'prepared for war',"
Security forces have arrested some 500 pro-democracy sympathizers across Syria after the government sent in tanks to try to crush protests in the city of Deraa, the Syrian rights organization Sawasiah said on Tuesday.
Amnesty international, citing sources in Deraa, said at least 23 people were killed when tanks shelled Deraa in what it called "a brutal reaction to people's demands."
"Witnesses managed to tell us that at least 20 civilians have been killed in Deraa, but we do not have their names and we cannot verify,"
Government forces also stormed the Damascus suburbs of Douma and Mouadhamiya on Monday, shooting and making arrests, a day after they swept into the coastal town of Jabla, where at least 13 civilians were killed, rights campaigners said
Iranian television said 10 people were killed on Saturday and the hardline Revolutionary Guards vowed on Monday to crush resistance by "rioters."
The term "corrupt on earth", a charge which has been levelled at political dissidents in the past, carries the death penalty in the Islamic republic.

But Iranian politicians have called for opposition leaders to be handed the death penalty following the protests, accusing them of fomenting unrest.
As opposition groups in Libya take over areas outside of the capital, state prisons and military buildings are being searched.
In Benghazi, the opposition says they have unearthed equipment used by the government to torture dissidents, while more and more allegations of cruelty towards political prisoners are emerging.

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