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Monday, April 11, 2011

Samaria woman survives road attack

Author: Amichai Farkas | April 11, 2011
An Israeli woman traveling in Samaria was attacked by Palestinians while traveling from her home in Maaleh Levona to visit her son in Ariel. The woman, Malkah Mahon, fortunately survived the attack and was able to return home safely.
While traveling in her car, Malkah saw a vehicle with Palestinian Authority license plates attempting a u-turn on the road ahead of her. Two Palestinian men from outside the vehicle motioned to her, and Malkah felt that something was wrong. She quickly turned back towards Maaleh Levona and the two men started to throw stones at her vehicle, while the vehicle rammed into her car a number of times in an attempt to run her off the road. Malkah barely escaped — and she is fortunate to be alive.
This is not the first time that residents of Maaleh Levona have been targeted by Palestinian terrorists. Recently, a Palestinian dressed as an orthodox Jew tried to abduct a woman but failed when his car malfunctioned.
These types of attacks must be met with a decisive response, whether or not the attacks result in harm to Israelis. Even though Malkah lives in the highly disputed West Bank area, she deserves full protection against terrorism, just like every other Israeli citizen.
What is perhaps most troubling is that Malkah reported that the vehicle contained Palestinian Authority (P.A.) license plates, meaning that P.A. personnel were possibly involved. Israel simply cannot sit back while the internationally funded P.A. allows its officers to carry out attack against Jews.

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