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Friday, April 29, 2011

Jerusalem is part of Israel, Palestine is just a partner.

By Pastafajoule.

“Hamas is part of the Palestinian nation,” responded Abbas a day later. “Israel is just a partner. We want to work with both.”
Jerusalem is part of Israel,  Palestine is just a partner. Israel does not want to work with the Palestinians which includes any terrorist entity such as Hamas.
Jerusalem is Part of Israel. It can not be divided in the name of any glory. It can not be divided and simply given away to any part of Palestine since Palestine had never been a state of anything else than the imagination of Jewish killers, robbers and invaders.
Israel is what it is and anything less would be like giving away a part of your skin to the Nazis. Israel is not a slave and is not for sale to anyone. Israel can be shared with kind and honest people. Israel is our life and blood. Israel is our existence and anyone who wishes to hurt Israel must understand that our blood is not for the taking. 
Our tears and sweat is not your gift or a gift for anyone it is our work and our peace. Take it if you like and share our life together in peace, in harmony and in love. If you are going to attempt to steal it we will pursue you and will incarcerate you and give you just punishment.
Don't disrespect us and we will do the same to you. Lie to us and we will let you lie until you can't anymore and then we will destroy you.

If you attempt to kill Israel, Israel will kill you.

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