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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Per Force

Those who are born are destined to die, and the dead to rise again; the living , to be judged; to know, to teach and to make it know that God is the Maker, He is the Creator, He is the discerner, He is the Judge, He is the Witness, He is the Complainant.  It is He that will in the future judge, blessed be He; in Whose presence there is no wrong, no forgetfulness, nor partiality, nor taking of bribes.  Know also that everything comes to pass according to reckoning.  And let not your fancy give you hope that the grave will be a place of refuge for you, for it was perforce that you were formed, perforce you were born, perforce you live, perforce you shall die, and perforce you will have to give account and reckoning before the Supreme King of Kings, the Holy One, blessed be He.

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