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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Why is Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan so adamant in his demand?

My questions about the dispute between Turkey and Israel is this: Why is Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan so adamant in his demand? After all it is a demand isn't it? Now I would like to know what is the personal relationship between the men that were killed on Mavi Marmara while they were trying to kill the Isareli Solders? What is the relationship between Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and the Turkish Islamist Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH)? We all know that the government of Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan is its core Islamic. The IHH is also run by Sharia Law which would contradict anything short of an apology against them. So now one can ask is Turkey run by Sharia or not? If indeed it is (which I think it is) then Israel is its sworn enemy. There is nothing that Israel can do that will stop Turkey from engaging in malicious defamation and eventually a war against Israel.
Doc's Talk: Turkey will not stop at Israel

America-pay attention to Germany:
The public prosecutor's office in Berlin initiated proceedings against Mustafa O., a Palestinian man who had come to their attention repeatedly for violent acts. Police had investigated him in a number of cases, and now prosecutors saw an opportunity to convict a dangerous repeat offender. But when the case began, Fuat S., the principle witness, unexpectedly withdrew his testimony. It was not Mustafa who had tortured him, he said, but an Albanian man he didn't know. Mustafa, he said, wasn't even in the basement at the time. This was clearly a lie, as police analysis of telephone data showed, but the judge was forced to acquit the defendant due to lack of evidence. 

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