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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Erdogan cannot be trusted:

Erdogan cannot be trusted: Allah needs to apologize to the Lord of Israel.
As a matter of Dear Turkish PM Erdogan, Islam, the entire nation of Islam, the Muslims must apologize to the Israel and the Jews they have killed throughout history.
Lets begin with a fact that comes out of Islamic history and the Koran. When Jews who just were asked to recognize this man who professed to be the Messiah and refused this is what happened. Their children were taken away from their parents and forced to practice Islam. Their wives, mothers and women were sold as slaves and 200 hundred Jews had their heads cut off. We are not talking about 9 Turkish individuals who were probably sent with your approval to create havoc with the Israelis. We are talking about 200 men who did not want to acknowledged this nothing man to be a Messiah. What crime did they do except using their "free will" to refuse an dictator's imposition.
Mr. Erdogan if anyone or any country has to apologize it is you and the rest of your people who should apologize to Israel. Ok so between that time and now there was another example that is also a recorded event when the Palestinians went to Israel and massacred may Jews, men, women and children. Women were raped by Palestinians, young girls were also raped by Palestinians. Men were killed in the most horrific fashion. Religious artifacts and synagogue were vandalized burned and destroyed by Palestinians. Where was Turkey then where is Turkey now? As silent as ever just like the genocide of Armenians? Is this another tactic where you divert the real issue by blaming others instance that have nothing to do with the real culprit?
How hypocritical can you be you and your army of rapists and murderers?
It is you who should apologize for allowing those men to stir confrontation with Israel. It is you should take responsibility for the crimes you committed upon the 9 Turkish men who were killed (Not that they did not deserve it).
The Bottom line Mr. Erdogan, who thinks he leads "a great nation with a lot of patience", if you are really looking to show wisdom and pretend to help the peace process then you should just shut up and say nothing else.
Before you accuse someone else you better look at yourself.
It is you who can not be trusted. It is Islam and you who owes an apology to Israel and to the rest of the free world.
So my advice to you dear humble one, Mr. Sunshine, is for you to put up or shut up.

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