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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Israel's 9/11 Living Memoria
Israel is the only country outside America that memorializes the victims of the Islamist terrorism that struck our shores ten years ago. Inscribed are the names of all those innocents who were murdered on 9/11. This memorial park reflects the shared values of America and Israel. As the Muslim world celebrated this atrocity, Israel and the Jewish people stood in empathy and solidarity with the United States.
"Set against the magnificent backdrop of Jerusalem, the Living Memorial is a moving site from which to mourn the victims of 9/11 as well as consider the thousands of victims of terrorism worldwide. This is a place for visiting dignitaries -- presidents, prime ministers, ambassadors, and citizens of the world -- to come together to remember, reflect and heal. More than anything we hope that this Living Memorial will remind us to reaffirm our commitment to tolerance, the unity of mankind, and democracy. Jerusalem is a battleground of civilization but also a place of hope; what better place to show that civilization won?" - Russell Robinson, CEO, Jewish National Fund
On November 12, 2009, U.S. Ambassador to Israel James Cunningham attended the ceremony, dedicating the monument, as did U.S. Congressman Erik Paulsen, who led a delegation from the United States. They were joined by Israeli Cabinet ministers, Knesset members and many families of the victims of 9/11, as well as other distinguished guests.
And lest we forget, here's a video of the Palestinians celebrating the mass murder of Americans.

Brit Hume asks "What are we to make of this?"
The answer is simple: The Palestinians are America's enemies.
Note: We, the American taxpayer, are giving these people about $300 million dollars every year. In technical economic jargon that's what's known as: Stimulus for Terrorism.
We should not be marinating in grief. We should not be looking for, ahem, closure. This is not the time for studies in conflcit resolution, this is not the time for lectures about diversity, nor is it the time for us to celebrate suicidal cult of multicult.
Our outrage should alive and burning.
War has been declared on the civilized world by a bunch of barbarians who yearn for the cruelties of a 7th century caliphate. Good men must stay angry. Good men must yearn for revenge. Good men must resolve to annihilate the plague of radical Islam.
And to understand the enemy, his nihilistic ideology and his strategy, here's an excellent primer:
Watch The Third Jihad, Radical Islam's Vision for America for free. Directed by my talented friend Wayne Kopping, this powerful movie:
...explores the existence of radical Islam in America and the emerging risk that this "homegrown jihad" poses to national security, western liberties and the "American way of life."
The film, which is narrated by devout Muslim American Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, opens with the following statement: "This is not a film about Islam. It is about the threat of radical Islam. Only a small percentage of the world's 1.3 billion Muslims are radical. This film is about them."
In 72 minutes, the film reveals that radical Islamists driven by a religiously motivated rejection of western values cultures and religion are engaging in a multifaceted strategy to overcome the western world. In contrast to the use of "violent jihad" and terror to instill fear in "non-believers," The Third Jihad introduces the concept of "cultural jihad" as a means to infiltrate and undermine our society from within.
To watch The Third Jihad for free, click here.

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