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Saturday, October 8, 2011

The coming of the Muslim Holocaust in America for all who are not Muslim.

Under the democratic leadership of President Obama the United States has become an Anti-Constitutional and an oppressing government.

It has become a crime to discriminate against Muslim. The Obama democratic ruling party has allowed the Islamic movement to take over cities by cities. It has allowed the Sharia law to take over the law of the United States and surely becoming the law of the land. The United States will not be the United States of America if this continues under any leadership. This loving country will become the United States of Islam if they have their way.

The government has taken the lead in making law that is bound to punish you if you dare use your freedom of speech as afforded by our Founding Fathers and written in the constitution. You have no more right to express yourself anymore and if you do and somebody does not like they accuse of racism, destroy your character and have no problem seeing you becoming homeless. For what reason do they do this? To excel Islam and force it religion ways of life in our home, minds?

Why isn’t Islam seen as a hate group? A hate group just like the Nazis or the KKK as well any group that ultimately want to kill people and becoming the dominant race? What is really happening is, exactly this. They very much protecting a hate group and allowing them to build Mosques which are really not a place of worship but more like a place to plan their Jihad against humanity.

What the Obama government is doing is basically creating, fermenting a fire of revolting feeling against the lack of protection that we as tax payers are paying them to provide us with. They are becoming dictatorial and it doesn’t matter what the people of the United States wants it’s what the Muslims desire that count most.

The destroyed the Twin Towers ten years ago and now they are saying that their law is the law that should govern their neighbors. They come to New York City just like they do in France and stop blocks of traffic so that they can pray on the floor and show their back side to the world. To show that they can do anything they like and if you don’t like it, well that just too bad.

The rule has been since the foundation of this country that freedom and equality should be afforded to every citizen and it is. Under the law of Islam there will be no more freedom or equality. Men will be subjected by force under penalty of death or incarceration to the whims of the ruling hierarchy. 
There will be kings and servants, mostly servants.  You will either be Muslim or a slave or dead. The women will be treated as animals to dispose of as they please under their law. The children will be killed under the so called “honor killing” just for looking at another man that does not fit the whims of the parents.

What it comes down to is really simply two choices, we either have the audacity to say to the Muslim enough is enough and go back to where you belong or do as you please and come into our home and rape our loved ones and kill them as you see fit.

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