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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hezbollah rules Lebanon with its weapons, Marouni says

Kataeb bloc MP Elie Marouni said on Saturday that “Hezbollah rules Lebanon since it toppled the [majority] using its arms.”
“When we sit to the national dialogue table we say what [kind of] Lebanon we want, but Hezbollah doesn’t want to sit [with us],” he told Free Lebanon radio.
Marouni added that Prime Minister Najib Mikati says something and does the opposite.
“Mikati did what he had previously rejected and what [Change and Reform bloc leader MP Michel] Aoun used to call for [regarding cabinet formation].”
The Kataeb Party MP also said that his party will not compromise over its two martyrs, former Minister Pierre Gemayel and former MP Antoine Ghanem.
“Some people consider now the [UN-backed] Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) as politicized while [in the past] they used to hold press conference to defend it such as [Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid] Jumblatt and [State Minister Nicolas] Fattouch,” he added.
“We are asking Hezbollah’s ministers to step down and not to dissolve the party.”
Mikati’s cabinet, which was formed in June, was granted parliament’s vote of confidence on Thursday, as the PM vowed his cabinet would cooperate with the UN-backed STL.
However, Mikati's cabinet program includes an ambiguously worded clause stipulating that Lebanon will "respect" international resolutions as long as they do not threaten peace and stability.

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