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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Are we destroying ourselves in order to help the Muslim rebels?

One may ask, “What is a sure way of getting weapons into the hands of terrorists?”
History has shown that it can repeat itself with impunity. And while everyone take note of the act no one learns from it.
Look at Afghanistan, The USA supplied the rebels fighting the USSR with unlimited weapons. Eventually the weapons were sadly used against the very same people that supplied the weapons.
Today the same thing is happening and no one seem to grasp the gravity of the final consequences. The enemy knows who to fool and use the “Free World”. Arab Springs strangely are created all over the North African Continent and only where radical Islam is rampant. In Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Arab Spring is raging and still expending.
The solution:
Under Obama’s leadership Libya is attacked by American war planes. Eventually, the EU along with the consent of the UN takes over the US actions and expanding the continuing bombardment of the oppressing countries. The next step follows almost without a beat skipped. Weapons are sent to the “oppressed” rebels. In turn the rebels’ sale the weapons to terrorists at almost any price. The weapons that were intended to help liberate them and who were made and shipped for free by the so called liberating parties including the good old USA.
It’s an ironic twist of fate. A fate that if not stopped will bring doom to the democratic world we know of today and the freedom we all seem to take for granted will be forever taken away.

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