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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Not sure whether this is true or not:

An inquiry to has been requested on the truth of this article.

Who is this Famous Person?  You will be astonished!
You must scroll down to see each photograph to find out.
Why has this not been exposed before?  Is the Liberal Media hiding this also?
Elena Kagan successfully represented Obama in defending his right to keep any of his records from being Released to the public.  Looks like she missed this one!
 A famous porn star?  A stripper?  A layout in a cheap men's magazine?

Don't recognize her? Here's another view.
Still can't guess her identity?  Well, here's one more picture.


Does she look familiar?

Give Up?
This is Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro - Barack Obama's MOTHER!
Can you imagine the widespread play these pictures would be gettting by the mainstream media if this had been John McCain's mother, or Sarah Palin's mother?
But you won't ever see these pictures anywhere in a regular media outlet.
Oh, and keep reminding yourself that Obama is the first BLACK President of the United States.  Yeah, right.

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