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Friday, December 30, 2011

Chemistry in one form


Its interesting how people feel and it works for some for some not. 
Personally I like chemistry but not regular chemistry. Chemistry at 
first sight is often misleading and it's really in the physical 
outreach that real feelings is seen. What can having a coffee or 
drink really tell between two individual? First meeting can basically 
be deceptive and most often unreliable.

Trust and honesty are what thrive the foundation to chemistry. That 
is how I feel. Religion is a matter of perception since absolute 
truth has been established. Religion is a mater of faith and is 
without a doubt part of happiness. But to say that religion is the 
guiding light and measurement by which one feels about another person 
is foolish.

So, yes, chemistry is important but as I said it is not established 
by a simple meeting or spending moments pretending to do something. 
Chemistry in my views is the embodiment of two individuals who are 
willing to do the extraordinary, the unusual the binding of two 
without restrictions from the beginning. To be alone with each other 
away from the spectators or others who simply bystanders. The 
embodiment of two is the combination of physical attraction and the 
binding of two minds. To do it out of the home is pretense and 
nothing else.

Spending time in a kitchen or in the living room and conversing is 
more likely to succeed finding purer chemistry than not.
Again it's what one heart intuition that guides one for the other.


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